2023 2nd International Conference on Urban Planning and Regional Economy (UPRE 2023)
UPRE 2023

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2022 International Conference on Urban Planning and Regional Economy (UPRE 2022) was successfully held on April 22-24, 2022 online. 

2023 2nd International Conference on Urban Planning and Regional Economy (UPRE 2023) is to be held on April 21-23, 2023 in Beijing, China. 

As a leading role in the global megatrend of scientific innovation, China has been creating a more and more open environment for scientific innovation, increasing the depth and breadth of academic cooperation, and building a community of innovation that benefits all. These endeavors have made new contribution to globalization and creating a community of shared future.

To adapt to this changing world and China's fast development in this new era, 2023 2nd International Conference on Urban Planning and Regional Economy (UPRE 2023)  is to be held on April 21-23, 2023 in Beijing, China. Urban planning can change the functional structure of a city. Urban planning plays a very important role in regional economic development. Urban planning contains various factors of urban economic development. Urban economic development can effectively improve the speed and quality of urban planning formulation and implementation. The two affect and interact with each other. The meeting will focus on "urban planning" and "regional economy", and discuss their interdependence, mutual promotion and mutual restriction.

UPRE 2023 aims to build a platform for scholars to discuss the relationship between urban planning and economy, aims to promote the exchange of different cutting-edge research in the field of information and connection at home and abroad the most advanced academic resources. Conference topics include Traffic management and supply chain, Regional policy and local economic transformation, Scenic spot development and tourism economy, Urban modernization and high-tech economy, Environmental protection and sustainable economy, Resource development and industrial structure.

We warmly invite you to participate in UPRE 2023 and look forward to seeing you in Beijing, China.


After a careful reviewing process, all accepted papers after proper registration and presentation, papers will be publishedon Advances in Economics, Business and Management Research (ISSN: 2352-5428), and will submitted for indexing by CPCI-SSH and CNKI.

Note: All submitted articles should report original results, experimental or theoretical, not previously published or being under consideration for publication elsewhere. Articles submitted to the conference should meet these criteria. We firmly believe that ethical conduct is the most essential virtue of any academics. Hence, any act of plagiarism or other misconduct is totally unacceptable and cannot be tolerated.

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April 21,2023 April 23,2023


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